Best countries to study abroad for Indian students

Best countries to study abroad for Indian students

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Are you looking for the best countries to study abroad? Don't know which country to target for your higher education? Here is your answer. Top universities around the world offer students a rich learning experience that prepares them for their future careers

Best countries to study abroad for Indian students

Topics Covered:

  • Why Study Abroad?
  • Factors while choosing where to study abroad
  • Preferred course to study
  • Living Expenses
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Learning a new language and culture
  • Best Countries for Indian Students to Study Abroad
  • Study in USA for Indian students
  • Study in Germany for Indian Students
  • Study in Australia for Indian Students
  • Study in Canada for Indian students
  • Study in UK for Indian students
  • Study in the Netherlands for Indian students

More and more people are seeking international degrees as overseas universities continuously increase Indian student numbers. Studying abroad at renowned institutions and universities is a fantastic way to upskill and boost one's résumé.

 Choosing a foreign degree, however, is not an easy process, as one must consider several things, including the ideal countries to study abroad for Indian students. Studying abroad is a significant opportunity to gain experience and build relationships.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad provides you with unique opportunities to significantly enhance your global awareness, cross-cultural competence, and language skills and opens up doors to internships and jobs worldwide.

Being guided by the finest mentors and receiving world-class education are just a few benefits students gain from studying at one of the world's top universities. Looking at a leading international university provides the preparation you need to undertake the journey ahead. It also offers you better job prospects after graduation.

The main benefit of studying at a foreign university is that students receive a high-quality education, world-class facilities, and, most importantly, focus on practical education.

Factors while choosing where to study abroad

Before choosing the best country to study abroad, here are some things to consider.

Preferred course to study

Your choice, of course, will significantly influence how much you pay for your education. To get an undergraduate degree abroad, you will need to budget for three to four years, as that is how long undergraduate programs usually take. Similarly, if you want to get a graduate degree, you must budget for two years. STEM classes are often more costly than others. So, plan carefully.

Living Expenses

Living costs, such as rent, groceries, phone/internet bills, transportation, and other everyday expenses, in addition to tuition fees, will be given by the students as per the city you choose. For example, the cost of living in the United States and Canada is higher than in Germany or Spain.

Economic Opportunities

Working abroad after graduating is a fast way to enter the international marketplace. Your destination will determine whether foreign degrees are accepted and whether they can work in the country's domestic market. India's best destinations are those with booming economies and flexible labor policies.

Learning a new language and culture 

Many students choose non-traditional paths to obtain globally recognized degrees and quality education while learning a new language and culture. The culture of the country you wish to immigrate to can significantly impact your personal development.

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Best Countries for Indian Students to Study Abroad


 Study in USA for Indian students

The USA is the destination of choice for international students due to its excellent academic ecosystem, which includes top universities with a strong reputation. Quality education, opportunities, and culture are a few reasons why many students come here. According to QS's World University Rankings by Subject, the USA has 239 programs in the top 10, far more than the UK (131) and nine other nations. 

Despite this, the proportion of American universities ranking at the top has dropped from 71% to 53% over the last five years. Here are some other reasons to study in the USA-

  • There are 4000 top universities in the USA, providing various academic programs and courses.
  • Studying in the USA is a great way to get a prestigious degree.
  • All qualified graduates are provided with equal opportunity in the USA marketplace.
  • All majors are eligible for one year of OPT— optional practical training— after graduation. Additionally, those graduating with a STEM degree can receive a work permit for up to three years.
Best Universities in the US
University QS World University Ranking 2022
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1
Stanford University 3
Harvard University 5
CalTech 6
University of Chicago 10
University of Pennsylvania 13
Yale University 14
Columbia University 19
Princeton University 20
Cornell University 21
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 23
Johns Hopkins University 25

Study in Germany for Indian Students

There are several reasons why Germany has become such a popular choice for Indian students studying abroad. The first reason is that it is affordable. The second reason is that it offers a range of career opportunities and cultural exposure. There are no tuition fees at public universities, and the cost of studying at private institutions is also more affordable than at universities in the US or the UK. Other advantages include 

  • Universities in Germany extensively focus on research and practical training.
  • Working part-time can help meet students' expenses.
  • It has prestigious universities.
Best Universities in Germany
University QS World University Ranking 2022
Technical University of Munich 50
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg 63
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München 64
Freie Universitaet Berlin 127
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 128
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 136
Technische Universität Berlin 159
RWTH Aachen University 165
Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg 172
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen 177


Study in Australia for Indian Students

Australia has become much more accommodating when it comes to granting visas to students in order to allow them to study at the country's top universities without any hassle.

  • There are many reasons why Australia is such a popular destination for studying. Its educational standards, cultural diversity, and job prospects are just some of them.
  • Working part-time while studying allows international students to manage their living expenses. They may work up to 20 hours per week.
  • Government-funded scholarships are available for outstanding international students.
  • Australia is one of the safest nations in the world with the lowest crime rates.
Best Universities in Australia
University QS World University Ranking 2022
The Australian National University 27
The University of Melbourne 37
The University of Sydney 38
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 43
The University of Queensland 47
Monash University 58
The University of Western Australia 93
The University of Adelaide 108
University of Technology Sydney 133
University of Wollongong 193

Study in Canada for Indian students

Canada’s education and employment policies favor international students tremendously. Indian students are currently studying at some of the finest Canadian universities (over 14% of students in Canada are Indians). Students take classes in medicine, engineering, MBA, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and data science.

  • Canada is a country where you can gain expertise in the language (English and French).
  • Studying abroad at one of the top universities in the world, with excellent post-graduation job prospects, makes for a fantastic experience.
  • Canada is one of the safest countries in the world for international students.
Best Universities in Canada
Institute  QS World University Ranking 2022
University of Toronto 26
McGill University 27
University of British Columbia 46
Université de Montréal 111
University of Alberta 126
McMaster University 140
University of Waterloo 149
Western University 170
University of Ottawa 230
University of Calgary 235

Study in UK for Indian students

Because of their excellent reputation, British universities offer a wide variety of academic programs and specializations in conjunction with workforce demand.

  • International students who graduate from UK universities in the summer of 2021 or later will be allowed to remain in the country for 24 months and work.
  • International students can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester.
  • Eligible aspirants can avail of Chevening Scholarship, GREAT Scholarship, Commonwealth Fellowship, Scotland Saltire Scholarship, and Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship.
Top universities in the UK
Institute QS World University Ranking 2022
University of Oxford 2
University of Cambridge 3
Imperial College London 7
The University of Edinburgh 16
The University of Manchester 27
King’s College London 35
The London School of Economics and Political Science 49
The University of Warwick 61
University of Bristol 62

Study in the Netherlands for Indian students

The excellent education system in the Netherlands is becoming a favored choice for Indian students because of its top universities.

  • There are several scholarship programs for international students in the Netherlands. The government or the institution providing the program funds them.
  • During the study semester, international students may work up to 10 hours every workday.
  • An orientation year visa is available for fresh graduates, allowing 12 months of voluntary work, employment, internships, and startups without a work permit.
  • International students in the Netherlands can avail of several scholarship programs. The government or the institution provides the funding.
Best Universities in the Netherlands
Institute QS World University Ranking 2022
University of Amsterdam 55
Delft University of Technology 67
Utrecht University 110
Leiden University 112
Wageningen University & Research 123
Eindhoven University of Technology 125
University of Groningen 128
Erasmus University Rotterdam 179
University of Twente 189
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 209

The top places for study abroad are renowned for having outstanding academic programs and advance technology. The best study abroad destinations will not only provide you with a top-notch education but also an overall life-changing experience in terms of your career and personality development. Even if the term is shorter, studying abroad at some of the best colleges in the world will teach you a lot.

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