Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Anthropology

at Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Campus Canada


Anthropology is the broad, multi-disciplinary study and documentation of humans, past and present. As an Anthropology student you will have the opportunity to study everything from stone artifacts and skeletal remains, to a community's economic structure and unique dialect. Our Department of Anthropology has four distinct sub-disciplines with many different topics to explore in each:

  • Archaeology
  • Bioanthropology
  • Linguistics
  • Socio-Cultural Anthropology

Our courses blend in-class lecture with seminars, labs and field work to provide you with a well-rounded background in both the theoretical and practical applications of your area of interest. You will have access to world-class laboratories and anthropological collections which have contributed to groundbreaking findings and been utilized by some of the foremost leaders in the field.

Lakehead Advantage
We are one of the only universities in Canada to offer a Bachelor of Science (Anthropology) and an Honours Bachelor of Science (Anthropology) in addition to the Arts stream. The Science stream is focused on more field and lab-based work with an emphasis on core science courses including Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as Math and Geography. This unique and thorough curriculum will allow you to pursue a career in Anthropology or the sciences depending on your interests.

Our Department of Anthropology is widely recognized as a leader in undergraduate research and for producing world-class Anthropologists. Our faculty members are leaders in their respective field of study and regularly work with undergraduate students on special topics courses and projects. Our students have published papers and presented their findings at national archaeological conventions across Canada, with most of them winning a place on the podium for their innovation.

A student may enter, proceed in and graduate from the Honours BSc program in accordance with stipulations of the University Regulations section and Faculty of Science and Environmental Studies Faculty Regulations section of the Calendar. All course choices in fourth year must be approved by the department. For more information Click On

We have a range of laboratories housing world-class equipment, integral to research across the region. You will have access to these resources including:

  • Environmental Archaeology & Paleoecology Laboratory
  • LU GIS Laboratory
  • LU Instrumentation Laboratory
  • LU Map Library
  • LU Paleo-DNA Laboratory
  • Physical Anthropology Laboratory
  • Zooarchaeology Laboratory
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Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Campus


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Anthropology Assistant Fee


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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Anthropology Admissions Requirements

  • Minimum Level of Education Required: To be accepted into this program, students must have High school diploma (or equivalent) or mature student status;
    • English, Math
    • Recommended: Biology, Chemistry & Physics

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Students who wish to work in Canada require a work permit to do so. A student in Canada can work part-time during the course of his studies and full-time during holidays and semester breaks and post the completion of their course/program.

Rules for getting a part-time work visa in Canada

You can also work part-time on campus at your university.

Work Permit


Your part-time work permit will be valid for as long as you have a valid study permit.

Working Hours

20 Hours/Week

As a full-time student, you can work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. However, you can work full- time during holidays and breaks.

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To apply for a work permit, you will need a study permit that mentions that you are allowed to work part-time on campus.

Social Insurance Number

Study Permit

You will need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to Service Canada. if you wish to work in Canada during the course of your studies. To apply for the same, you need a valid study permit, and you should be a full- time student at a recognized university.

You can work part-time off-campus if you are studying in the Quebec province.

Duration of Work Permit Canada

Your part-time work permit will be valid for as long as you have a valid study permit.

Work Hours Canada

As a full-time student, you can work for a maximum of 20 hours a week. However, you can work full- time during holidays and breaks.

Document Required to Work in Canada

To apply for a work permit, you will need a study permit that mentions that you are allowed to work part-time on campus.

Social Insurance Number

You will need a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to Service Canada if you wish to work in Canada during the course of your studies. To apply for the same, you need a valid study permit, and you should be a full- time student at a recognized university.

Working after completing your course

In Canada, you will need a work permit to get a full-time job in Canada after finishing your studies. You chose a work permit like the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) if you wish to stay back in Canada and work full-time.

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Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

The Post- Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows you to work for three years in Canada if you have completed a two years degree or more.


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You can either apply online or download the form and mail the application along with the required documents. Pay your fee and then wait for the decision to come.

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To apply for the work visa, you need a degree from a recognized and accredited Canadian University along with an intention to stay and work in Canada only temporarily.

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One can apply for the full-time work permit in the first three months post the completion of their course during which the study permit is still valid.

How long does it take?

90 days

You will have to wait for 90 days for the decision on your work permit.


3 Years

The work permit is valid for 3 years if you have completed a two years degree program or more.


CAD 255

The fee for the work permit is CAD 255 plus the holder fee and the work permit processing fee.

Monthly Wages

CAD 1,600

An applicant is guaranteed a minimum salary of CAD 1,600 per month while working in Canada. This amount though varies on the job and the province you are working in.

Work Hours Canada

No Limit

There is no maximum limit, and you can work for as many hours as you want on the full-time work permit.

Required Documents


To apply for the work visa, you will need the following documents:

  • Forms: IMM 5710, IMM 5476 and IMM 5475;
  • Graduation Proof
  • Proof of payment of work permit fees
  • Copies of your travel and identification documents, passport pages and current immigration document.

Till a decision is made on your work visa, you can continue to work full time. All you need to have is your completed degree, should have applied for the permit before the expiry of your study permit and you should be allowed to work off-campus.



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Student Visa For Canada

Any student who wishes to study in Canada requires a student visa. Some of the essential information for the application process is given below.

When Should I Apply?

4 to 6 months

Ideally, one should apply for the study permit at least 4 to 6 months before the commencement of your course/program.

Bank Account

No Need!

There is no need for a blocked bank account to apply for a student visa to Canada.

Duration of visa

Course Duration + 3 Months

The student visa is valid for the entire period of your course plus three months.

Time to Wait for Visa

35 Days

It takes time. It might take up to 35 days post your interview for the application process to complete and for you to finally receive your visa.



It varies from applicant to applicant, but one may have to take part in one or two visa appointments, namely a medical examination and a visa interview.

How you can apply

Application Process

An applicant can either apply online or offline by visiting a visa application centre and submitting their documents. After the analysis of your application, you might be called for an interview.


Visa Fee

The visa application fee for Canada is CAD 150.

Minimum Funds

833 CAD, 917 CAD

You require a minimum monthly amount to be deposited into your account to prove that you can sustain yourself while studying in Canada. If you are studying in Quebec, you need to have a monthly minimum of CAD 917, and if you are studying in a province except for Quebec, you need to have a minimum of CAD 833 per month.

Any other expenses


You will have to pay a medical examination fee and a visa application service fee to the tune of CAD 15 if you visit a visa application centre to apply for your visa.

Medical Examination


One has to undergo a series of medical examinations to be deemed fit for a student visa of Canada. The tests mostly include blood and urine tests, chest x-rays and other organ checkups.

Language Skills

Not Required

one doesn’t need to prove their language skills in applying for a Canadian Visa.

Disclaimer: The information provided about the work permit is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. All recommendations are made without any guarantee on the part of the author or the publisher. The author and the publisher, therefore, disclaim any liability in connection to and with the use of this information.

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Other Courses by Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Campus,Canada

Computer science combines the intellectual challenge of a young discipline with the excitement of an innovative and rapidly expanding technology. Computer science has been an active area at Lakehead University for over 25 years. The department resides in the University's Advanced Technology and Academic Centre (ATAC), a striking building that houses many of the University’s computing activities. Faculty, staff, and students are equipped with state-of-the-art computing facilities including smart lecture rooms, labs, and a variety of computing technologies (e.g. Virtual Reality, Parallel Computing).

The Master's program in computer science provides an opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of advanced knowledge in the discipline. Students benefit from a selection of advanced courses and a chance to pursue research that aligns with their interests and aspirations.

Two program options are available to students; each option maintains a balance between coursework and research:

  • Master's by Thesis, which requires fewer courses and involves a more substantial research project
  • Master's by Project (2 years), which involves courses aligned with the IT industry needs and also includes a limited research project
  • Master's by Course, which involves more courses and includes a limited research component

Co-op Information

  • A graduate student will normally be admitted to the co-operative program option after completion of two terms, for a starting date in May. Students are expected to obtain an aggregate of 80% or more and must have taken at least 4 half credit courses (excluding non-credit courses, project and thesis).
  • Co-op employment for 8 months (two terms) must be successfully completed to satisfy the co-op requirement for the degree. 
  • Students interested in a co-op placement should inform the Department's Co-op Advisor at least four months in advance of the proposed date of the placement (e.g., by late December for placements beginning in May). The Department's decision as to the suitability of each candidate will be based primarily on academic performance. 

24 month


$ 24000


Economics is a social science dedicated to the study of decision-making under scarcity, and the factors that influence wealth. Economics involves financial topics and broader historical, sociological and cultural topics ranging from the individual (microeconomics) to governments, industries and central banking (macroeconomics). This extensive and multidisciplinary study of the economy is what sets it apart from other seemingly similar topics such as Business or Finance. 

As an Economics student you will gain insight into the long-term effects of policy on communities by studying:

  • Resource Allocation 
  • Current Policy Debates 
  • Statistics 
  • Economic Theory 
  • Incentives 
  • Econometrics 
  • Resource Allocation 
  • Decision-Making 

You will also gain a marketable edge through field and specialty courses focused on labour, natural resources and industrial organization The natural ebb and flow of the economy means that Economics is a changing and dynamic field Our continually updated course content reflects new theories, information and current events impacting the Economics field. Mathematics is a large component of many of our Economics courses; therefore, our recommendation is that you have some knowledge and skill in the area.

48 month


$ 28589


Lakehead University’s Faculty of Education is one of Canada’s most diverse and innovative centres of learning. We’re leading the way in teacher education through our commitment to the very best in multidisciplinary, collaborative, and experiential instruction.

Concurrent Education allows you to start your teaching career faster and earn two degrees at the same time. Study the program of your choice, while also taking classes within the Faculty of Education, before spending two years exclusively with the Faculty of Education in order to qualify for certification by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).

Our program emphasizes practical learning through placements, practicums, community engagement, and international opportunities to ensure you are fully prepared to enter into the workforce post-graduation.

With programs in two campus locations - Thunder Bay and Orillia - our Education program will provide you with the expertise you need to develop as an educator, and prepare you for the dynamic and rewarding profession of teaching today.

24 month


$ 28589


Computer science plays a leading role in modern society, shaping our abilities and our future. From streaming music to planning a mission to Mars, the application of computer science offers innovative approaches to new challenges.

Think big as you explore the world of computer science while engaging in one of two focused program streams in Business or Science. The Business Focus provides a path to the Entrepreneurship Certificate from the Faculty of Business, whereas the Science Focus emphasizes Science and Environmental Science electives.

Experience high-tech labs and classrooms, access to a 240-core high performance computer Linux cluster, a stunning 3-D virtual reality lab, and learn about the latest advances in game programming, mobile computing, health informatics applications, big data, and cloud computing.

Co-op Placement

During your undergrad you will have the opportunity to participate in our co-operative education program to gain rewarding experiences in the industry, acquire practical skills and earn an income to finance your education. We have placed over 700 students with industry partners including IBM, Environment Canada, RIM, Atomic Energy of Canada, the Canadian Grain Commission, CIBC and more.

Student Mentorship

We have a full-time faculty member who is dedicated to mentoring first and second year students’ programming skills. This resource is particularly useful if you have limited experience in computer programming and would like one-on-one time with an expert in the field outside of your class and lab time.


We offer a unique Game Programming Specialization to all Computer Science majors. This specialization teaches you the intricacies of animation, two and three dimensional graphics, gameplay and much more while you develop single, multiplayer and mobile games.

Accessible Faculty

Our department is small enough to provide you with direct access to the professors, and individual access to advanced computing equipment. Our faculty is active in its research, and committed to balancing theoretical information with hands-on opportunities. Projects and research papers are regularly integrated into our undergraduate courses.

60 month


$ 28589


Geography is the study of spatial patterns and processes on Earth's surface and the relationship between society, populations and the environment. Our Geography programs focus on physical geography, dealing with spatial aspects of land, water and the atmosphere, as well as human geography which explores the cultural, political and economic forces behind the distribution of human activities. 

As a Geography student you will spend the first two years building a foundation of knowledge in a wide spectrum of geographical themes which examine: 

  • Where populations and activities are located on Earth 
  • When and why physical and environmental patterns change 
  • The impacts these changes have on human and physical environments 
  • The responses to these impacts 

In your final two years of study you may specialize in a particular area including: 

  • Climate change 
  • Glacial Processes 
  • Soil Analysis 
  • Conservation 
  • Natural Hazards 
  • Water Resource Management 
  • Sociocultural Geography 

Our courses reflect the breadth of the discipline, as well as geographical techniques and research methods such as digital photogrammetry, remote sensing, soil and water testing and geographic information systems (GIS). We also offer regional field camps and a Regional or International Field Study course that is available in your final year of study.

48 month


$ 28589


The Faculty of Education at Lakehead University offers a Master of Education program designed to meet your professional and academic goals and interests. Our Master of Education (MEd) program provides you with a unique learning opportunity, which addresses the current landscape of both education and research. 

MEd: Gender and Women's Studies Specialization
The Department of Gender and Women's Studies at Lakehead University is dedicated to furthering an understanding of the importance of gender as a category of analysis in scholarly inquiry. Through interdisciplinary instruction, you will critically assess the relevance of existing models of knowledge in reflecting gendered experience and scholarship.

The aim of the program is to encourage the development and integration of gendered teaching, learning, and research within the university community and the community at large. This Collaborative Master's program allows students to combine advanced disciplinary research with gendered scholarship from the interdisciplinary field of Gender and Women's Studies.

24 month


$ 24312


Psychologists share a desire to make a positive contribution to human welfare through understanding and influencing the thoughts, emotions, and behaviour of individuals. They are concerned with what motivates us, what social, physical, and biological factors affect us, and what makes us unique.

Our multidisciplinary approach to Psychology provides you with the opportunity to explore these topics and the inner workings of the brain through either an Arts or Science stream, depending on your academic interests. Whichever stream you choose, you will graduate with the objective tools to develop theories, test them through scientific experimentation, and develop new knowledge through comprehensive research methods.

The breadth of study within our Psychology program is what sets Lakehead University apart. Throughout your undergraduate degree, you will gain at least one credit of exposure to all elements of the disciplines and sub-fields including Biological, Cognitive-Affective, Individual, Social, Abnormal, and Developmental, in addition to your stream electives.

48 month


$ 28589


Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Forestry

As part of the Faculty of Natural Resources Management, our Forestry program will provide you with a background in the biological, social and operational fundamentals of forestry and its relationship to our ecosystems. You will gain the business skills, scientific expertise and practical experience needed to solve modern conservation and sustainability challenges.

Our Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry shares a common curriculum with the Honours Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management for the first two years.Through a specialization, you will delve deeper into the areas of Forest Management, Forest Health and Protection, or the emerging area of Forest Products and Marketing.

You will be exposed to the high-tech world of modern forest management through the use of GPS/GIS technologies, 3-D visualization, remote sensing with satellite imagery and airborne systems including drone (UAV) technology, and genetic research.

We are nationally accredited by the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board, meaning you will meet the academic requirements of membership for a number of professional forest associations across Canada. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to receive your Registered Professional Forester (RPD) designation and become a member of the Canadian Institute of Forestry. This feature is unique to Lakehead University and provides you with an impressive professional advantage.

48 month


$ 28939


Natural Sciences & Mathematics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physics

Physics is the study of how matter and energy interact in our everyday lives. Our experienced teachers and researchers will provide you with hands-on training that emphasizes problem solving, and the most advanced technology and mathematical methods.

As a Physics student, you will be exposed to cutting-edge information on the following topics:

  • Mechanics and Gravitation
  • Lasers and Optics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Medical Physics

48 month


$ 28589


Our music degree programs have been carefully designed to offer students a fine balance between academic and performance courses. As a student, you will explore the various dimensions of music through courses taught by teachers of national and international stature as well as receive mentorship opportunities from seasoned musicians and professionals in the field.

As a music student, you will have the opportunity to take courses in:

  • Performance
  • Theory
  • Conducting
  • Composition
  • Orchestration
  • Canadian Music
  • World Music
  • Pedagogy

It is our goal to develop your talent as both a soloist and a collaborative musician, and cultivate your creativity by exposing you to diverse musical genres, traditions, and innovations. Instruction is available in all orchestral instruments as well as:

  • Classical Guitar
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Saxophone
  • Organ

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of music ensembles such as:

  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Wind Ensemble
  • New Music Ensemble
  • Jazz Ensemble

Our strong community connections open the door to academic and professional opportunities with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, New Music North, Consortium Aurora Borealis, and more. You will be able to share your talent and develop your professional skills as you progress through the program.

48 month


$ 28589


View All Courses by Lakehead University - Thunder Bay Campus, Canada

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