Is GRE Required for Masters in Canada

Is GRE Required for Masters in Canada

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Find out the answer to ‘Is GRE Required for Masters in Canada’. Check out the GRE requirements for MS in Canada, studying MS without a GRE, and more.

Is GRE Required for Masters in Canada

Topics Covered:

  • What is GRE?
  • There are four sections in the test
  • What's the difference between the GRE and IELTS?
  • Do Canadian universities require GRE?
  • Universities in Canada that don't require the GRE for MS programs
  • Programs for MS that don't require GRE
  • It's time to wrap things up:

Students wishing to pursue postgraduate programs in Canada frequently inquire: is GRE compulsory for MS in Canada. In this post, we will discuss the GRE exam, its format and requirements, as well as why taking education in Canada shouldn't dissuade you from doing so.


What is GRE?

The GRE General Test is a graduate test offered by The Educational Testing Service. It assesses your prior learning and your future career preparation across a wide range of disciplines.

Universities in Canada require international MS applicants, such as Indians, to take this test prior to applying. The test evaluates your overall skills and indicates whether you are suited to survive in English-dominated nations.

There are four sections in the test

Analytical writing

When you take the Analytical Writing test, the examiner expects you to provide focused responses to the tasks. It measures your ability to –

  1. Understand and communicate difficult ideas clearly and effectively in English.
  2. Have compelling arguments and examples to support your assertions.
  3. Analyze assertions and supporting documentation

This section consists of two tasks, "analyzing an issue" and "analyzing an argument," each of which takes 30 minutes. A GRE score of 0 to 6 can be achieved in this section, with an average score of 3.5.

Quantitative Reasoning

This part assesses your basic mathematical abilities as well as you’re reasoning and problem-solving skills. Here, there are four sections on algebra, geometry, data analysis, and basic arithmetic, and they cover the following: 

  • 12–13 problems involving problem-solving and 7-8 quantitative comparison questions

You are tested on Quantitative Reasoning for 35 minutes in each section, and your abilities are tested to: 

  • Understand, understand, and evaluate quantitative data
  • Address mathematical issues
  • Use fundamental mathematical principles to solve problems

Scores range from 130 to 170 on this test. The top 10 percent of test takers have an average score of 166 or higher. The GRE exam lasts up to 4 hours, with 12-minute breaks optional. Taking the GRE requires an investment of around INR 15,000.


Verbal Reasoning

There are two parts to the Verbal Reasoning test:

  • Task 1 consists of 4 sentence equivalence questions and 6 text completion questions.
  • 10 reading comprehension questions make up Task 2

You will be given seven tasks to perform, each taking 30 minutes:

  • Use inadequate data to analyze and derive findings or explanations. Decipher the author's viewpoint to comprehend the message they are attempting to convey on several levels.
  • Separate important from less important points, then choose according to the text's structure and importance.
  • Comprehend the text and the meaning of each word.

An individual can obtain a GRE Verbal Reasoning score of 130 to 170. The Verbal Reasoning section is split into three subsections: Text Composition, Text Analysis, and Text Evaluation. 

The Text Composition sub-section evaluates the candidate's ability to analyze a text; the Text Analysis sub-section assesses the candidate's capacity to compare and contrast written material. Finally, the Text Evaluation sub-section evaluates the candidate's ability to determine a text critically.

What's the difference between the GRE and IELTS?

 Is GRE mandatory for MS in Canada. Well, yes, GRE is primarily for those seeking a Master's degree. Also, IELTS is a generic English test that assesses a candidate's level of English proficiency. Even though they appear similar, the GRE is used for both entrance and screening purposes, whereas the IELTS is mainly used for academic and workplace English proficiency testing. Furthermore, the GRE covers a broad range of subjects, making it a more suitable course for those seeking an MS degree.

The British Council, IDP Education, and Cambridge Assessment English jointly own and manage the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). IELTS consists of four parts, whereas the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) has three sections.:

  • Listening
  • Writing 
  • Reading
  • Speaking

If you are thinking, is GRE necessary for masters in Canada?


 The answer is Canadian universities do not require GRE for graduate studies, but those who want to study there can take the test to see how well they grasp the subject. Those who wish to study abroad and are proficient in English are typically required to take the GRE. IELTS is the alternative for non-native English learners looking to study in countries like Canada, where it is frequently a key admissions requirement.

Do Canadian universities require GRE?

 It's important to note that it is hard to judge the performance of international students without a standardized exam. Given that the GRE is universally accepted as a graduate exam, it is only fitting that it be utilized to ensure equal opportunity.

Some Canadian universities include GRE in their eligibility list for international students seeking MS degrees. These institutions want to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that they are evaluated without bias.

MS programs in GRE accepting universities in Canada are:

Universities in Canada that don't require the GRE for MS programs

 Universities in Canada allow students to apply for their Master's courses without taking the GRE.

Universities that don't require the GRE are listed below- 

Programs for MS that don't require GRE

The most important question is: is GRE required for masters in Canada? It is crucial to understand that GRE is important for getting into top universities for a Master's program, but only certain universities are required to have it. Therefore, you may still be admitted to an elite MS program without a GRE score.

You don't have to take the GRE to enroll in several MS programs at top universities, such as:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science from Lakehead University
  • Master of Engineering from the University of British Columbia
  • Master of Science in Applied Computing from the University of Toronto
  • Master of Applied Science in Biotechnology from McGill University

It's time to wrap things up:

 Canada is an excellent place to get an MBA, but there are a number of prestigious universities with different requirements, which can make things confusing. Therefore, you need to seek expert advice to determine your greatest chances.

We at Edmissions have expert counselors with years of experience helping Indian students apply to Canada for an MS, MBA, or similar programs.

To discover more about studying abroad, get in touch with our Edmissions specialists at edmissions.com !

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