Backlog Certificate: Application for Backlog, Format, and Sample

Backlog Certificate: Application for Backlog, Format, and Sample

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Would you like to see the backlog certificate format? Edmissions provide information on the process to obtain a backlog certificate, a free sample no backlog certificate, a backlog application format, study abroad options with backlogs and more!

Backlog Certificate: Application for Backlog, Format, and Sample

Topics Covered:

  • What is a Backlog?
  • Types of Backlog Certificates
  • Do I Need a Backlog Certificate?
  • How are Backlogs Counted?
  • What is Known as a No Backlog Certificate?
  • Do I Need to Show a Backlog Certificate to Universities Before Admission?
  • I have Zero backlogs. Do I need a backlog certificate?
  • Application for Backlog Certificate
  • Where Can I Study Abroad with Backlogs?
  • Top Canadian universities accepting backlogs
  • Top US universities accepting backlogs
  • Top UK universities accepting backlogs
  • Conclusion

'Even though you may be a bright and talented student, getting a ‘backlog’ in your academic record looks a bit discouraging. But don’t worry! Don’t let a backlog come in the way of your dreams to pursue higher education. You can retake the exam in order to clear the backlog and move ahead in pursuit of your dreams.

Although some institutions and colleges do accept applications from students with backlogs, most of them favour applicants with spotless academic histories. In this blog, we will learn what a backlog is, as well as why a backlog certificate is crucial for people with backlogs who want to study abroad.             

What is a Backlog?               

A backlog is a particular exam subject that the student has not cleared on the first attempt or a subject that failed due to any reason or issue. Backlogs are counted by the number of subjects a student failed to clear in the original examination. To clear their backlogs, they will have to reappear for examination on each of those subjects.

It should be noted that the number of attempts taken to clear a subject is not counted as the number of backlogs. So, if you made three attempts to finish a backlog in one subject, for example, you would only have one backlog and not three.

Types of Backlog Certificates

There are two types of backlog certificates:

Backlog Certificate: The document includes details about the number of backlogs you have, the subjects they are in, and how many backlogs you have in each subject.         

Zero Backlog Certificate :To be eligible for zero backlogs, you need to provide a document that proves you have never had any backlogs during your graduation. This document is a mandatory requirement.

Most universities in Australia and New Zealand require a certificate of zero backlogs for graduates who have not experienced any backlogs during their studies. However, some European universities also have this requirement.        

Sample or template of backlog certificate (with backlogs)

Backlog Certificate: Application for Backlog, Format, and Sample  

Sample or template for a Backlog Clearance Certificate or Zero Backlogs Record


Do Backlogs Affect Your Study-Abroad Plan?               

Many students get backlogs while completing higher education. Does that mean that they can never pursue their higher education abroad? The answer is no.               

Each university and college has its individual eligibility conditions that must be fulfilled by students in order to grant admission for overseas education. A number of good universities and colleges across the globe grant admission to average academic profiles with backlogs if they find them suitable for the kind of courses applied for.

While some universities select students based on their performance on standardized international exams like the GRE , GMAT , SAT , TOEFL , IELTS , PTE , ACT, etc., others favour applicants with spotless academic records and no backlogs.               

There is a specific number of backlogs that individual universities accept. Generally, the number of backlogs admissible is 2 or 3. In case you have backlogs, the university will require a Backlog Certificate to show that your academic record is otherwise clear.

Do I Need a Backlog Certificate?

Studying abroad requires extensive paperwork, but if you get a grasp of the process and requirements, the effort is entirely worth it in the end. You will need to collect a number of official documents from your previous university that will be required at the time of your admission to a new institution, and the backlog/no-backlog certificate is one of them. Some of the other essential documents required are academic transcripts, character certificates, reference letters, etc.

Backlog Certificate is an official document issued to a student by the university or institute they graduated from. It gives proof of the number of backlogs that a student has cleared and not cleared to date. It is a document supporting academic transcripts issued by the previous institution where you completed your course.

If you are planning to study abroad, the admission authority at the university of your choice may ask you to submit a Backlog Certificate to certify your academic records along with educational transcripts. On the other hand, a no-backlog certificate certifies that the student has no backlogs.

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How are Backlogs Counted?

Have you ever wondered how backlogs are counted? Well, I have some exciting news for you! Backlogs are counted in a very simple manner, making it easy to keep track of your academic progress. 

Firstly, it is essential to understand what backlogs are. Backlogs are the number of subjects that a student has failed or not cleared in the previous semester. Now, coming back to how these backlogs are counted, it is done on a subject-wise basis. 

Let me explain this with an example; suppose a student has failed in 2 subjects in the previous semester, then he/she will have 2 backlogs. These backlogs will be counted only for the subjects in which the student has failed and not cleared. 

In most countries, the Number of Attempts ≠ Number of Backlogs!         

The number of times you sit for an exam to clear a subject doesn't necessarily mean you have multiple backlogs. For instance, if you took 4 attempts to clear 2 subjects, you would still have 2 backlogs instead of 4. 


In Australia and Germany, the Number of Attempts = Number of Backlogs         

Backlogs can also be counted as the number of attempts a student has taken to clear a particular subject. For instance, if a student has attempted a subject twice and has failed both times, then he/she will have 2 backlogs for that particular subject. 

In conclusion, counting backlogs is an essential aspect of academic progression. It motivates students to strive to improve their performance and helps them keep track of their academic progress. So, if you ever find yourself with a backlog, don't worry; just work hard and clear it in the next attempt!

What is Known as a No Backlog Certificate?

A no-backlog certificate is proof of an applicant's clear academic record without any backlogs. Normally, universities don't require this document if there are no backlogs in the applicant's academic record. However, in some cases, certain universities may demand this certificate. In such situations, the applicant needs to contact their previous institution and request them to issue the certificate.

Do I Need to Show a Backlog Certificate to Universities Before Admission?

A backlog certificate is a document that certifies that a student has cleared all the backlogs during the course of study. It is usually required by universities when a student applies for further studies. However, the requirement for a backlog certificate varies from university to university.

If you are a student who has cleared all backlogs during your course of study, it is advisable to get a backlog certificate. It can serve as proof of your academic achievements and can be useful in several situations. If you are applying for higher studies, some universities may ask you to produce your backlog certificate as part of their admission process.

On the other hand, if you have not cleared all backlogs during your course of study, then you may not be eligible for a backlog certificate. In such cases, you may need to clear your backlogs first before applying for a backlog certificate. Moreover, some universities may not require a backlog certificate at all. Therefore, it is essential to research the requirement of a backlog certificate before applying for one.

I have Zero backlogs. Do I need a backlog certificate?

If you do not have any backlogs, you may be able to obtain a no-backlog certificate based on the country you are applying to. Generally, Canadian universities do not require any backlog certificates, but countries like New Zealand and Australia may request them from applicants.

Application for Backlog Certificate

With the number of documents to be submitted also comes a number of deadlines that need to be managed to send the application for admission on time. So make sure to collect your Backlog certificate well in advance, if applicable, as it will be required for your application to study abroad.

In order to obtain a Backlog Certificate from your institute, you need to apply in the correct format to avoid delays in the procedure. Most universities in India are aware of this requirement for admission to universities abroad. They give students an application form for the same, which they can fill out and submit to apply for a backlog certificate. 

Students can find an application for a backlog certificate on the website of their university, which they can fill out and send to the appropriate authority.

Some colleges are not abreast with the requirement of a backlog certificate. In that case, you might need to submit an application in writing asking the university to issue a backlog certificate/no-backlog certificate, as applicable.

Given below is a sample backlog certificate for your reference when applying for one. Take a look to understand what details you need to provide the institution. 

Application Form for Backlog Certificate Sample             


The Principal /The Dean

Name of University

Address of the University

Subject: Application for Backlog Certificate               

Respected Sir/Ma’am,


I, _____, (Name), s/o or d/o of _____ (Parent’s Name), Roll No. ________ was a student of ______ (course name with batch) at your esteemed university. Please provide me with a backlog certificate, as I will need it to apply for my master's programme. The details of my backlogs are given below:

Semester Expected Year of Passing Year of Passing Number of Backlogs Number of Attempts Subject Reappears
Semester I          
Semester II          
Semester III          
Semester IV          
Semester V          
Semester VI          

I would be very grateful if you issue my backlog certificate as soon as possible. 

Yours Sincerely,

_____ (Name)


Application for No-Backlog Certificate Sample

Some universities require a no-backlog certificate, so here is a sample application format for a no-backlog certificate.

The Principal/ Dean

Name of University

Address of the University

Subject: Application for No Backlog Certificate

Respected Sir/ Madam,

I, _____, (Name), s/o or d/o of _____ (Parent’s Name), Roll No. ______ attended your esteemed university as a student in ____ (course name with batch). I request you to issue my no-backlog certificate as I need it for applying for a master's degree. I have cleared my bachelor’s degree without any backlogs. Kindly issue me a no-backlog certificate verifying the same at the earliest possible date. 

Yours Sincerely,


Where Can I Study Abroad with Backlogs?

Yes, backlogs are generally accepted in most countries, but it's important to note that there is a limited number of backlogs that are accepted in each region. Every college, whether national or international, aims to select the best candidates. Students should focus on what makes their profile strong to increase their chances of being accepted. 

Many universities will accept students with average profiles if they are a good fit for the courses they offer. As for the question of whether backlogs affect placement, the answer is that as long as the backlogs are cleared before the placements, they will not have an impact.

Top Countries that Accept Backlogs

Top Universities to Study in Canada           

  1. Conestoga College        
  2. Centennial College        
  3. George Brown College        
  4. Lambton College        
  5. Fanshawe College        

Top Universities to Study in Australia           

  1. University of Sydney
  2. Monash University
  3. University of Melbourne
  4. Flinders University
  5. University of Technology Sydney

 Top Universities to Study in New Zealand        

  1. University of Auckland
  2. Victoria University of Wellington
  3. Massey University        
  4. Unitech New Zealand
  5. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology        

Top Universities to Study in the UK           

  1. Bangor University
  2. Brunel University        
  3. Cardiff Metropolitan University
  4. Coventry University        
  5. Kingston University London        

Top Universities to Study in the USA      


  1. Kent State University        
  2. Marist College        
  3. Illinois Institute of Technology
  4. University of South Dakota
  5. Missouri State University         

Top Canadian universities accepting backlogs

The number of colleges in Canada that accept backlogs is limited. Nevertheless, if you have outstanding academic achievements, you can get admission to universities. Here is a list of Canadian universities that accept backlogs.

Colleges/Universities          Backlogs Accepted         
Royal Roads University         Maximum 5
Conestoga College         Maximum 5
Cape Breton University         Up to 5 backlogs
George Brown College         Maximum 6-8
Centennial College         Maximum 7
Lambton College         Maximum 4 to 8
Fanshawe College         Maximum 8
Wilfried Laurier University 5-10
Yorkville University Up to 10 backlogs
Thompson Rivers University         Up to 10 backlogs

Top US universities accepting backlogs

University          Backlogs Accepted         
Wright State University         upto 5
Wichita State University upto 5
Marist College         upto 5
Clarkson University upto 5
Kent State University         upto 5
Gannon University upto 5
Clark University         5-10
Pace University         5-10
Illinois Institute of Technology 5-10
University of South Dakota 5-10
California State University         5-10
Missouri State University 5-10
Old Dominion University 10-15
Pittsburg State University         10-15
Rowan University         10-15

Top UK universities accepting backlogs

University Name          Number of backlogs accepted         
Technological University Dublin 0-5
Trinity College Dublin  0-5
University College Cork 0-5
NUI Galway  0-5
University College Dublin         0-5
Dublin City University 0-5
IT Carlow  5-10
Griffith College  10-15
Dublin Business School 10-15
National College of Ireland 10-15



Every university has its own set of admission criteria for students with backlogs and may require a Backlog Certificate. Now that you know the backlog certificate format and the backlog application format, it will be easy for you to procure this document to pursue your dreams of studying abroad. Thankfully, various universities and colleges assess your overall application instead of focusing on your previous academic failures. So if you do not have the most impressive academic records, you can compensate for that with good performance in entrance tests and good records in extracurricular activities, etc., to build a solid application for studying abroad.

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