MBA in Canada for International Students: Universities, Fees, Scholarships

MBA in Canada for International Students: Universities, Fees, Scholarships

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MBA in Canada for international students- Know types, specializations with fees, admissions requirements, scholarships, top MBA school, and low cost MBA with GMAT at Edmissions

MBA in Canada for International Students: Universities, Fees, Scholarships

Topics Covered:

  • Types of MBA in Canada
  • MBA in Canada Specializations
  • Why study MBA in Canada?
  • Top MBA Schools in Canada
  • MBA in Canada for Indian Students Fees
  • Low Cost MBA in Canada for International students
  • Cheapest MBA in Canada for international students without GMAT
  • Cost of Living in Canada
  • MBA Entry Requirements in Canada
  • MBA Scholarship in Canada
  • Conclusion

There is a growing demand for higher education in Canada, especially among Indian students. Canada offers students world-class business institutions and high-quality education at relatively affordable prices. The MBA program in Canada is highly regarded around the world. It gives students practical business skills they can use in the workplace and gives them the tools they need to adapt to changing circumstances. 

 By taking an MBA at a suitable institution, one can develop insights and skills for greater managerial knowledge. You can build a profession in business management if you have knowledgeable teachers, incredible infrastructure, the right academics, and a degree that is recognized throughout the world.

One of the most sought-after programs, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides students with a variety of professional options. The MBA degree provides a thorough understanding of numerous management facets, its real-world applications, and experiential knowledge that encourages students to find workable business solutions.


Types of MBA in Canada


A variety of MBA degrees are offered in Canada to suit the diverse interests and requirements of international students.

MBA in Canada for International Students: Universities, Fees, Scholarships

Full-Time MBA

Students have the option of studying full-time for the program's typical two-year term. The curriculum is best suited for a student who can focus exclusively on their studies. To be admitted to FT-MBA programs in Canada, candidates frequently need to take the GMAT and submit results from language tests.

Part-time MBA

Typically, it takes three to four years for students to finish the curriculum. You may finish the degree in as little as six years, though.

Executive MBA

The typical program length is 13 months, with both a personal and professional return on investment. Designed for executives and people wishing to enhance their studies who have managerial level experience.

MBA in Canada Specializations

  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • International Management
  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Information Technology
  • Design
  • Data Science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy              

Different Canadian universities offer MBA courses with a variety of specializations, among which the specialization in Finance is the most sought-after. A few of the most renowned universities in Canada for acquiring an MBA with a specialization in Finance are:

MBA in Finance in Canada

Program               Annual Fees in CAD                Annual Fees in INR              
MBA Management - Finance (McGill) 98,878 CAD  59.44 lakhs
MBA Financial Management (Carleton) 41,786 CAD 25.12 lakhs
MBA Finance (UAlberta) 28,096 CAD 16.89 lakhs
MBA Finance (Laval) 18,665 CAD 11.22 lakhs
MBA Financial Services (Dalhousie) 19,430 CAD 11.68 lakhs

MBA in HR in Canada              

Program               Annual Fees in CAD                Annual Fees in INR              
MBA Specialisation in HR Management (UofT) 135,208 CAD 81.28 lakhs
MBA in HR Management (Brock) 68,086 CAD 40.93 lakhs
MBA in Strategic HR Management (USaskatewan) 54,645 CAD 32.85 lakhs
MBA in HR Management (Ottawa) 23,272 CAD 13.99 lakhs

MBA in Business Analytics in Canada              

Program               Annual Fees in CAD                Annual Fees in INR              
MBA in Business Analytics (McGill) 98,878 CAD 59.44 lakhs
MBA in Business Analytics (McMaster) 38,343 CAD 23.05 lakhs
MBA in Business Analytics (UAlberta) 23,772 CAD 14.29 lakhs
MBA in Business Analytics (Laval) 12,892 CAD 7.75 lakhs
MBA in Business Analytics (Carleton) 29,477 CAD 17.72 lakhs

MBA in Marketing in Canada              

Program               Annual Fees in CAD                Annual Fees in INR              
MBA Management- Marketing (McGill) 98,878 CAD 59.44 lakhs
MBA Marketing Management (Laval) 10,995 CAD 6.61 lakhs
MBA Marketing (Brock) 33,952 CAD 20.41 lakhs
MBA Marketing (York) 27,880 CAD 16.76 lakhs
MBA with Marketing and Sales Specialization (Queen’s) 12,842 CAD 7.72 lakhs

MBA in International Business in Canada              

Program               Annual Fees in CAD                Annual Fees in INR              
MBA in International Business (UAlberta) 28,096 CAD 16.89 lakhs
MBA in International Business (URegina) 31,190 CAD 18.75 lakhs
MBA in International Business (York) 82,858 CAD 49.81 lakhs

Check out the complete course guide of MBA specializations in Canada:              

  • MBA in Finance in Canada
  • MBA in HR in Canada
  • MBA in Business Analytics in Canada
  • MBA in Marketing in Canada
  • ​MBA in International Business in Canada  

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Why study MBA in Canada?

  • A globally recognized MBA from Canada will improve your job opportunities and financial prospects.
  • Compared to other countries, Canada offers MBA programs at lower costs.
  • Canadian business schools provide opportunities for internships to help students obtain practical experience in the industry while pursuing their MBA degrees.
  • Canada is a multicultural nation, you will study with students from many ethnic backgrounds. You will be able to do this by expanding your cultural outlook on management and the company.              

Top MBA Schools in Canada

  • Toronto University (Rotman Business School)
  • McGill University (Desautels Faculty of Management)
  • Western University (Ivey Business School)
  • York University (Schulich School of Business)
  • Queen’s University (Smith School of Business)
  • University of Alberta (Alberta School of Business)
  • University of British Columbia (Sauder School of Business)
  • Concordia University (John Molson School of Business)
  • Saint Mary's University (Sobey School of Business)
  • University of Montreal (HEC Montréal)              


Top MBA Universities in Canada

MBA Colleges in Canada               Course Name               Fees for Indian Students               Upcoming Application Deadlines              
University of Toronto Full-Time MBA INR 39,55,385 Round 2- January 13, 2023 | Round 3- March 6, 2023 | Round 4- April 28, 2023
Queen’s University Full-Time MBA INR 60,99,454 September 1, 2022 (Closed)
Western University Full-Time MBA INR 59,70,296 Round 6- January 9, 2023
McGill University MBA in Business Analytics INR 59,44,130 January 15, 2023 | March 15, 2023
York University Full-Time MBA INR 16,76,125 January 18, 2023 | April 12, 2023
University of British Columbia Full-Time MBA INR 53,79,945 Round 2- January 10, 2023 | Round 3- March 14, 2023
University of Alberta             MBA In Finance INR 16,89,507 March 1, 2023
Concordia University             Full-Time MBA INR 16,34,606 September entry- March 1 | January entry- June 1, 2023
Dalhousie University             Full-Time MBA INR 11,90,030 Round 2- December 1, 2022
University of Montreal Full-Time MBA INR 17,94,780 Round 2- January 15, 2023 | Round 3- March 15, 2023
McMaster University Full- Time MBA INR 21,82,939 Round 2- December 1, 2022 | Round 3- February 28, 2023
Brock University             Full-Time MBA INR 40,97,574 March 1, 2023
Saint Mary’s University Full-Time MBA INR 27,24,719 1 April 2023
Simon Fraser University Full-Time MBA INR 36,73,519 Round 2: January 29, 2023
University of Victoria             Full-Time MBA INR 27,40,913 April 30, 2023


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MBA in Canada for Indian Students Fees

Cost factors rank among the most significant when evaluating the various course selection aspects. This wonderful advice will help you stay on top of the planned financial aspects if you want to pursue an MBA in Canada. In Canada, an MBA degree typically costs between CAD 30,000 and 40,000 per year. Depending on the candidate's lifestyle and selected accommodations, the cost of living could go up or down.              


Check out the MBA Tuition Fees in Canada

University Annual Tuition Fees in CAD Annual Tuition Fees in INR
Concordia University 27,191 CAD INR 16,34,606
University of Alberta 28,104 CAD INR 16,89,507
McGill University 98,880 CAD INR 59,44,130
McMaster University 33,331 CAD INR 20,03,680
Queen's University 101,464 CAD INR 60,99,454
The University of British Columbia 89,495 CAD INR 53,79,945
University of Toronto 65,797 CAD INR 39,55,385
Western University 99,315 CAD INR 59,70,296
York University 27,882 CAD INR 16,76,125

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Low Cost MBA in Canada for International students              

University Name               QS World University Ranking 2023               Average Fees Per Year               Popular Programs              
Memorial University of Newfoundland             751-800 CAD 24,000

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA in Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

University of Victoria              =359 CAD 39,330

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Juris Doctor + MBA

Laval University  433 CAD 16,000

Full-Time MBA

Executive MBA

Part-Time MBA (MBA Global Business)

University of Calgary  242 CAD 26,557

Full-Time MBA

Executive MBA (Global Energy)

Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba  651-700 CAD 48,300 Asper MBA
University of New Brunswick              701-750 CAD 12,850

MBA Juris Doctor

MBA Sport and Recreation Management

Wilfrid Laurier University              855 CAD 16,579

Full-Time MBA

Part-Time MBA

Full-Time + Co-op

Saint Mary’s University  566 CAD 25,000

Full-Time MBA

Part-Time MBA

Executive MBA

Cheapest MBA in Canada for international students without GMAT              

  • York University (Executive MBA)
  • Queen’s University (MBA for Business Graduates)
  • Western University (Executive MBA)
  • New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver (Full-time MBA)
  • McMaster University (Full-time MBA)
  • Thompson Rivers University (1-year MBA)
  • Lakehead University (Full-time MBA)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University (Masters in Finance)
  • Vancouver Island University
  • HEC Montreal (Executive MBA)

Cost of Living in Canada              

International students residing in Canada are expected to pay an average of 2,500 Canadian dollars, which is roughly equal to 1.5 lakhs. The cost of accommodation, books & materials, transport, food & beverages, etc make up the cost of living for an international student. Basic living expenses are as follows:

Expense               Cost of Living in Canada in CAD               Cost of Living in Canada in INR*              
Books and Material (yearly) Up to 1,665 CAD Up to 1 lakh
Health Insurance (monthly) 550- 915 CAD 33,000 to 55,000
Food (monthly) 250 CAD 15,000
Transport (monthly) 30- 65 CAD 2,000-4,000
Entertainment (monthly) 135 CAD 8,000
Phone & Internet (monthly) 30 CAD 2,000


MBA Entry Requirements in Canada

For MBA admission, most Canadian business schools require the following:

MBA Scholarship in Canada

To cover this financial requirement, some international students need financial assistance. The MBA scholarship for MBA in Canada  generally provide around 10,000 to 20,000 CAD (~5.94 to 11.88 lakh INR) to the students to cover their tuition expenses. Some of the popular scholarships to study in Canada for Indian students are tabulated below:

MBA Scholarships in Canada               Eligibility               Benefits              
Women in Business Excellence Award Various categories including Certified WBE, Corporate member and Open to all Up to 10,000 CAD
Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship Awarded to candidates with the potential to make lasting impressions to Sauder’s global brand. CAD 10,000 to CAD 15,000
Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship Preferably international students with excellent academic scores and aptitude Up to 50% tuition fees
Madhu Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship International students demonstrating aptitude and academic merit Up to 50% tuition fees
Concordia Merit Scholarship Based on academic merit 10,000
MBA Admission Awards Full-time MBA students at Degroote School of Business are automatically considered 2,500-30,000 CAD
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program Students enrolled in graduate studies in doctoral or master’s level at one of the 19 selected Ontario institutes 5,000 per term up to a maximum of CAD 15,000 per academic year.
Rotman School of Management Scholarships All students admitted to Rotman School of Management are automatically considered for Rotman Entrance Awards and Fellowships

Five Women in Business Excellence Awards of CAD10,000

Two Morning MBA Excellence Awards of CAD20,000

Alberta MBA Scholarships High academic achievements, Excellence outside the classroom is also considered and GMAT Score CAD 10,000
Schulich School of Business Scholarships Offered to full-time students at Schulich based on their merit and academic performance CAD 20,000 to CAD 33,000
Ivey MBA Scholarships Based purely on merit and leadership qualities Amounts ranging from $10,000 to half tuition
Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships Award is based on merit and takes into account GPA and GMAT scores.  CAD 5,750 per year or CAD 11,500 for two years


Students at Canadian colleges have the chance to network with many outstanding and accomplished people in the business world. In Canada, international students live well and in a beautiful setting. International students have many options for employment in Canada, both on and off campus.

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